TIFF Converter

Convert Acrobat PDF files and image files into TIFF files and TIFF files into image files

With the Converter you are able to convert a wide range of image formats into TIFF Files.

You can convert the following filetypes into TIFF:
  • Acrobat PDF to TIFF
  • Acrobat PDF to multipage TIFF
  • JPEG to TIFF
  • GIF to TIFF
  • PNG to TIFF
  • Bitmap (BMP) to TIFF
  • Photoshop (PSD) to TIFF
  • Targa (TGA) to TIFF
You can also convert TIFF files into the follwoing file formats:
  • TIFF to bitonal TIFF
  • TIFF to JPEG
  • TIFF to Bitmap (BMP)
  • TIFF to GIF
  • TIFF to PNG
If you want to convert TIFF Files into PDF Files you will need the PDF Composer.
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